Object management
and technical maintenance

Glovia assures smart object management in accordance with clients' habits and standards.
This approach offers effectiveness and resource integration via economical service.

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Shopping centers

Technical maintenance covers:  

  • maintaining the object systems and equipment in accordance with the norms, technical demands and expiration dates

  • planning and executing necessary works in accordance with the work plan

  • cost optimization, plan and proposition development

  • regular adaptation, checks, corrosion removal, equipment cleaning and more

  • 24/7 emergency service

  • controlling quality and project execution

  • carrying out all regulatory visits with certificates

  • providing service support for all technical difficulties

Object management covers

  • hygienic maintenance and security, daily cleaning of inner and outer spaces

  • façade cleaning 

  • physical security service and fire security

  • landscaping

  • DDD measures

  • BAS

  • winter service

  • waste management

Other commercial properties

We offer the technical maintenance services of commercial properties which cover prevention, correction and intervention. The maintenance provides cost reduction and steady use of objects

Preventive maintenance:

  • check-ups and appearance at given time or constant presence according to client’s needs

  • priority determination and long-term needs defining 

  • performing works for rectifying faults (construction, craft and installation works)

  • regular examinations and regulated inspections

Corrective maintenance:

  • unscheduled maintenance performed after determining a fault in an object

  • fixing a breakdown as soon as possible depending on its effect on functionality

Intervening maintenance:

  • emergency service following an unexpected exceptional events  

  • fixing breakdowns without delay in order to prevent severe damage

Present throughout Croatia responding
to each emergency within 24 hours.